How Salesforce supports its Koa Club With BrightCrowd

November 2023 — By BrightCrowd

Digital advancement and innovation have been the driving forces behind the success of all tech companies. Large companies like Salesforce have needed to think outside the box to ensure continued employee engagement and retention. But how can companies prevent seasoned employees from jumping ship and seeking more lucrative opportunities? The answer: foster stronger bonds among their employees.

Salesforce understands the value that each of its employees brings to the table, regardless of their designated job title or rank within the company’s organizational structure or hierarchy. To celebrate those who have continued contributing to the company’s success, they implemented the Koa Club to bring together employees celebrating 10+ years with the company.

While the company typically celebrated its Koa Club members with a large, multi-day event, the COVID-19 pandemic made this impossible. So Salesforce turned to BrightCrowd to rally employees and create digital community engagement. Through BrightCrowd all Koa Club members could “meet” one another and connect around common interests and backgrounds..

Digital Community Engagement Is Here To Stay

The Salesforce company culture focuses on empowering its diverse workforce to reach their full potential while forging meaningful relationships and remaining true to themselves. To maintain this mentality, the company needed to help employees feel connected even if they couldn’t engage in in-person events. BrightCrowd was the ideal solution—Koa Club members could introduce themselves to unfamiliar faces or become reacquainted with old ones.

When Salesforce launched its first digital book in 2020, employees responded enthusiastically. Eager to connect with other club members, more than 1,000 Koa Club members created their page within the first week. This number accounted for nearly 33% of club membership. As a direct response to this digital community engagement, the talent team decided to use BrightCrowd as its ongoing online community directory—new members are added throughout the year as they achieve their 10-year milestone.

Even with in person events returning, the response to the digital book is undeniable. As the Koa Club has nearly doubled over the last two years, participation rates have grown faster; with approximately 2/3 of members having completed pages in the online community directory.

Why Choose BrightCrowd for the Win

Managing employee engagement initiatives can be challenging. It requires identifying methods that employees respond to and involves time and money that many human resources departments often don’t have at their disposal. However, BrightCrowd’s digital books are so lightweight and engaging that even companies with strained staff resources can effectively implement a meaningful employee engagement initiative.

Using the digital book to drive employee engagement, Salesforce was able to provide an “event” for their Koa Club members at a fraction of the cost of the traditional event, while reaching a larger audience. And as new members join the club, the human resources department simply invites those employees to fill out their page. No other internal action was needed.

Are you looking for a way to enhance the employee experience? Contact BrightCrowd today to learn more about digital community engagement and how it can promote company unity.